Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dont ask me why, but they do exist

I never believed this was happening when listening to people call into Art Bell and tell their stories. I lived in a metropolis area and we had enough air traffic to explain anything. All the clouds you see in these first pics are manmade.
I moved to the Midwest where they are no airports near and few if any airlines fly over as they would be going way out of there way. My first summer here with beautiful clear blue skies that disappeared as these planes crisscrossed the skies and leaving a cloud cover over a certain area and continuing on into the next region.
No matter why they are doing this it is a waste of tax payers money and non sense.
I do think they are trying to cause clouding to block the sunshine yet I have seen them do this on a cloudy day as if seeding the natural clouds, though not as usual.

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